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"I know you would never betray me. Am I right?"

"That's not a fair question."

383 'Shippers
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This community is for fans of the pairing SanzoxHakkai (or HakkaixSanzo) from the anime Gensomaden Saiyuki.

In this community, you may display doujinshi(hence where the community name came from), show off icons and other graphics, and show off your own fan-art and fan-fics of the coupling. You can also discuss the show and even act fan-girlish over hints. This is for fun after all. :D

While this community is mainly for the 383 pairing, you may also discuss other pairings if you wish. Just nothing with Hakuryu please (I don't think the dragon has an interest in anyone). ^_^;


1. While this community is mainly for SanzoxHakkai, you can talk about other pairings.
2. Please respect everyone, their creativity, and the different pairings on Saiyuki.
3. Please place images and fan-fiction under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, either ask or consult the LJ FAQ. (Also, when showing icons, you may place a few outside an LJ-cut to give people a teaser).
4. Please put a rating on all images and fan-fics (raning from G to NC-17).
5. No flaming and have an open mind. This is a place for fun, not to be a jerk or rain on someone's parade. If you want to rant, do it in your own journal. If you want drama, go to lj.drama.org or journelfen. This isn't a place for that.
6. Don't like the idea of this community or what is going on? If so, please click the back button on your browser.

The maintainer of the community is dreaming_faerie

♥ 383 is Love ♥